International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate is a challenging, broad-based diploma wherein students take six subjects over a two year period.

The IB is rigorous and the curriculum makes similar intellectual demands to A Levels, but provides variety and depth.

The IB is a popular choice with international students as the IB diploma has a reputation for thorough assessment, giving diploma holders access to the world’s leading universities in over 100 countries. An IB score of 38 ( Out of a maximum of 45) is cited as being the equivalent to 5 “A” grades at ‘A’ Level by UCAS. Students must be 16 years old by 31st August in the year of entry.

The academic subjects on offer: Students doing the IB take three subjects at Higher Level and three at Standard level. Students select these subjects from the following six areas: English Language; Second Language; Individuals and Society; Experimental Science; Mathematics; Visual Arts (or a second subject from Group 2,3,4.) Students must also study the Theory of Knowledge (TOK.)